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Digital Denture Milling Center

Premium Digital Dentures milled in Honolulu.

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Digital Denture Solutions

Training   |   Milling   |   3D Printing

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Complete Digital Dentures

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Digital Partial Dentures

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Digital Implant Hybrids


Ask us about our 2 appointment fully digital partial dentures. 

Go straight from IOS scan to insert - model free!

Meet The Team

Your Digital Denture Specialists in Hawaii


Dr. Eric Muraoka




Master Dental Technician



Professional Relations

How does it work?

3D Scanners

To scan models or patients

CAD Software

To design Dentures

Milling & 3D Printing

To Create Dentures

Where do I start? 

Take the first step and reach out for more info.

What's the difference between a

Traditional Denture vs. Digital Denture?

Digital Dentures Fit Better

We know that traditional dentures shrink while curing. Digital Dentures are milled out of a pre-cured block on milling machines with 5 microns of accuracy. While patients may not see the difference, they can feel the difference of 5 microns of accuracy. 

Traditional Injected Denture

Milled Digital Denture

Digital Dentures vs. conventional.png
Digital Dentures vs. conventional.png

Comparison of denture tooth movement between Cad-cam and conventional fabrication techniques
Brian J. Goodacre, DDS, Charles J Goodacre, DDS, MSD, Nadim Z. Baba, DMD, MSD and Matthew T. Kattadiyil DDS, MDS, MS

Green = Greater Accuracy

"The quality and fit is too hard to explain as it's so perfect."

Digital Dentures

are Stronger

Digital Dentures are twice as strong. Traditional dentures utilize individual stock denture teeth that are bonded in place. With digital dentures, every tooth is custom and the teeth are milled in one piece. By connecting the teeth, the dentures are less prone to fracturing.

Traditional Injected Denture

Milled Digital Denture

Denture Strength.png

Multiple Teeth Selections - Denture Alignment (Segmentation of the teeth) - 3Shape 2019

Digital Dentures

can be remade

Digital Denture.png

The greatest fear for many denture patients is losing or breaking their dentures, especially while on vacation.

Traditional dentures take weeks to make because they are hand-made. The models used to create these dentures are destroyed in the process. A new denture takes just as long as the first one to make. 

With Digital Dentures, a digital record means we can recreate your denture quickly any time. We can also provide you with a second set for your vacation. 

Have a patient who loves their old set of dentures?
How about a NEW version of the old set!

We can do that

with Digital Dentures

Some patients like the general look and feel of their dentures but want a new one due to reasons like bad breath. With digital dentures, we can create an exact copy of your denture with brand new materials. 

Denture Repairs - Example 1.png

"What an amazing awesome quick fantastic job you have done! They look better than new and fit just as great! I cannot express enough how happy I am and most importantly how fast the job was done. My only regret is I wish I had found you sooner"

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Digital Dentures

Repairs   |   Relines   |   Mill from Wax up   |    Copy Existing

Denture repair example - April 15.png
Denture Repairs Example 2.png
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